Quality and Innovation

Quality and Innovation

MACIPA has for many years focused on helping physicians to improve the quality of care they provide their patients through innovative programs and systems.  MACIPA has trained and supports its physicians on an electronic health record.  We arrange interfaces to incorporate hospital testing and discharge results and link physicians’ records so that patient information is shared with physicians in our network.  The Quality Improvement department coordinates ambulatory care improvement efforts for the physicians.  The Department helps physicians achieve excellence in national and local standards of care, emphasizing those focused on patients with chronic diseases, preventive screening, the appropriate use of medication and engaging patients in their care.

Quality Improvement staff manage outreach programs to providers to support clinical decision making and work with physicians and their staff to improve internal processes and systems that will increase their patients’ satisfaction.  Working with our Medical Directors, Quality Improvement staff provide evidence-based guidelines and educational materials to physicians in support of quality measures.

Data and Reporting Support Quality Efforts

We use data and reports provided by the health plans and also perform our own analyses to see where we can continue to improve and where there are gaps in care.  We create registries of patients who have not seen their primary care doctor during the year, those who need mammograms and colonoscopies and the tests that are critical for diabetics, those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure as well as other diseases.  With this information, our physicians are in a better position to keep their patients healthy.  They can reach out to their patients to ensure that they  get the right preventive tests at the right time.

MACIPA is a member of the Massachusetts Health Quality Partners which provides benchmark data that shows how we are doing compared to other organizations.  The data helps to identify opportunities for improvement so we can help to manage better patient outcomes for blood pressure and cholesterol control, for example.


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